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At waterbeds Today,we strive to provide our customers with the best knowledge about the waterbed industry and all of the amazing benefits of waterbeds. This page provides useful information about making the switch to a waterbed over a regular mattress as well as the added health benefits one typically gets after a peaceful night's sleep on a waterbed.

  • What are the Benefits of Sleeping on a Waterbed Mattress?
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  • The Things You Didn't Know About Waterbeds and Your Health
  • Waterbeds: What Is The Proper Fill Level For A Waterbed?

Sleep Naturally & Eliminate Back Pain with a Waterbed

When people think of waterbed mattresses, they often think of sloshing and rolling about during the night. However, more and more people are learning that a waterbed mattress can also be great for distributing your weight, reducing pressure points and supporting your spine for a more comfortable night's sleep.

Waterbed mattress technology has made great strides of understanding since the introduction of the first waterbed over 40 years ago. Today, you can choose from a variety of water motion beds including zero motion options. Consider a soft side waterbed mattress, which looks just like a normal mattress but provides more efficient support. This softside water mattress can utilize your existing box spring and metal frame or headboard/footboard furniture making transitions simple and visually transparent.

Softside waterbeds are known to be some of the best mattresses for people with arthritis, rheumatism and fibromilagia. The most efficient Softside waterbed mattresses have almost no padding between the bladder and your body so you can better optimize the displacement support efficiency of water as well as beneficially controlling the temperature of your sleep surface from cool to therapeutically warm.

The bladder itself generally lasts from 5 to 15 years where most mattress are meant to last 10 years, and along with the temperature control unit is the only other part of a softside mattress that will eventually need replacing. The rest of a waterbed mattress will not degrade or develop body impressions like a traditional mattress. Waterbed mattress technology is also the most hypoallergenic mattress on the market.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wake up with tight muscles? The warmth of a waterbed mattress can relieve muscle tension. You can closely gauge the perfect temperature for you to get a great night's sleep and rely on that same temperature to be consistent night after night. Dual mattresses are available with individual temperature as well as support level tailoring.

For many people the kind of sleep that you get when sleeping on a waterbed feels luxurious. Shouldn't everyone sleep that well? Maybe it's time to reconsider the way you sleep and take advantage of the many benefits of a waterbed mattress.

The very worst type of mattress to sleep on is a soft, shapeless mattress that provides little or no support for an aching back. In the past, a firm bed was once thought of as taboo and only created unwanted pressure points. These pressure points we are referring to are known to restrict blood circulation in surface skin cells, resulting in significantly more tossing and turning while asleep which reduces the efficiency of your sleep recharge. As a result, uncontrolled firmness or hardness, in your mattress restrains your body from achieving an optimal night’s rest; leaving you feeling exhausted earlier every day.

Having the proper amount of firmness, shaping capability and dual softness is an important factor in every mattress that is acclaimed to prevent or relieve back pain. People wonder if they should make their waterbeds more firming to the touch, so today we will clear the air about extra firmness.

Easy Comfort

As with any other consumer product, you need to know what types of waterbeds there are and how you can adapt their level of comfort to your body’s needs. Waterbeds come in a variety of firmness levels and will still seem to be less firm than a traditional mattress, so if you are making the transition from an innerspring mattress to a waterbed then it is important to not to rely solely on your first impression in a test rest. The waterbed will feel different. Often considered to be too soft and therefore couldn't be supportive enough. Waterbed mattresses can be broken down to these two general categories, hardside waterbeds and softside waterbeds.

Hardside waterbeds use traditional designs where a bladder, water-filled chamber, sits inside a wooden frame. The softside waterbed uses high density foam walls instead of wood framing to support the water chamber in place.

Waterbed Firmness

Todays waterbeds are designed to appear and feel similar to a traditional mattress, but with much better support and insulation compared to the blobs of the 1970s. In essence, the type of firmness you achieve from your waterbed depends on the amount of stabilization constructed in the water mattress and the level of fill you choose. Meaning, the layers of fiber inside the water mattress will reduce water motion and can create a natural firmness to support your body weight and shape for the optimum recharge we all desire. Typically, people who prefer firmer support we turn them to the mid to upper level of stabilized mattresses since those have less motion and firmer support than a free flow waterbed.

Compared to the traditional innerspring or sleep number mattress the average consumer is encouraged to think of a firm/hard bed surface. From a mattress retailers perspective, they portray a firm mattress not as a hard surface, but a shaping and evenly supported surface which is clearly not accurate. A waterbed achieves this support when used to the optimum. Typically in a mattress store we see an artists rendition of a shapely female torso on her side stating that the mattress is providing even pressure for the hips waist and shoulders, when in fact the innerspring or sleep number product is not 100% truthful as it leaves unwanted spaces between the body and mattress. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), a mattress should support a person’s body weight evenly, without gaps between the body and the mattress.

Uncomfortable pressure on prominent regions of the body, such as the shoulders, hips and lower back can be an indicator of too much firmness of a mattress and lead you to shop for comfort elsewhere.

With flotation you have the ability in your home to adjust your waterbed mattress to be perfectly compatible with your body weight and shape providing you with the maximum recharge in sleep. If you’re looking to replace your spring or sleep number mattress, consider the waterbed as a replacement mattress and the benefits they can have on your sleeping habits. Beside our opinion of proper flotation being the best, we have an unheard of money back guarantee.

It may be a surprise to hear, but waterbeds are the best sleep system to help improve your sleep as well as provide healthy comfort that is not matched by traditional mattresses. What we know is that conventional mattresses create pressure points and do not provide complete support to the small of your back. As a result, pressure points make your body feel restless and when you are finally able to sleep your sleep recharge is compromised. Changing to a softside waterbed or hardside waterbed is a good solution to sleeping better and cultivating healthier spinal activity. Continue on to learn about their comforting abilities of proper flotation.

Pressure Points

When you lie on a regular innerspring mattress your own body weight pulls you down and the compressed springs react by pushing back against you. As a result your skin and blood vessels react and become constricted resulting in pressure points. Pressure points become bothersome and can be painful over time, pressure points force you to rotate from side to side to gain relief therefore you sleep less comfortably. If pressure points keep you from a good night's rest then a waterbed mattress that will truly contour the exact shape of your body by evenly distributing weight on the bed's surface should be considered over other, less efficient alternatives. 

Repairing Spinal Alignment

Reducing spinal stress is another one of the key benefits of having a waterbed. Fortunately, those suffering from constant back and spinal problems can reverse many of the effects that spring mattresses, memory foam and airbeds leave them with.

So, take for example, if good standing posture is reflected in the prone position provided by your mattress, the logical result should be less sleep interruptions and a more efficient recharge of the body. The way to evaluate this stand properly/sleep properly is to first look at good standing posture. Scientifically, good standing posture has a slight forward lean to the upper torso. First, stand with your heels at the base of a wall with the buttocks, shoulders and back of the head pressing against the wall. This is the position on which every spring mattress or airbed bases their function. This generally accepted but inaccurate theory of comfort should be dispelled because, among other things, over continued use, the mattress will lose its initial form and create body impressions every time your body rests on its surface. With a waterbed, because the torso is heavier than the lower body extremities, the depth achieved with proper flotation from a waterbed is very similar and almost identical to good standing posture and a body impression cannot physically occur because water has no memory, it is in the moment with you.

 In addition when your torso is on its side on a firm mattress, the shoulders being wider than the hips, there will be a downward slant to the spine representing unnecessary pressure. With flotation because the torso is heavier and water is indiscriminate in its offset of displacement, the spinal column will be perfectly horizontal thereby reducing spinal stress.

Achieving better sleep is found when you make a comfortable mattress selection. There are plenty of systems you can follow but the waterbed is truly the best in conforming and supporting the shape of your frame for a full, optimum night's rest. According to the National Sleep Foundation people of all ages should be sleeping on comfortable mattresses and pillows that are supportive and free of allergens. Back and spinal issues are quite common among adults, so turning on your side to relieve pain and pressure points may only provide temporary relief. However, a waterbed mattress provides the conformity, comfort and strong support that traditional mattresses lack.

Make your next sleeping mattress a waterbed from Waterbeds Today. Waterbeds Today highly recommends the Perfection Softside 850 DUAL Waveless Softside Waterbed with lumbar support for anyone looking to reduce their back pain from a regular mattress. We also supply a large line of waterbed furniture and waterbed care products to go along with your waterbed mattress purchase.

If you need any help finding a waterbed mattress that matches your body type, contact us online or a friendly customer representative by calling 1 (866) 647-2735.

Selecting a Waterbed

There are a few different style waterbeds to choose from. The hardside waterbed is the original style that you once heard about in the 1970s. This mattress sits directly on a strong wooden base with a containing frame for support that also includes a safety lining that protects in the rare instance of leaks.

The modern waterbed that most of us see today is called the softside waterbed. This type of mattress rests within a soft foam edge on top of what appears to be a box spring/foundation. The support from the foam frame can stand on its own or can be fitted into an existing conventional bed frame nd even in many cases use existing box foundations to lower costs.

Generally, most people prefer this style over the hardside water mattresses because it eliminates the need for the wooden frame and allows the waterbed to be incorporated into existing and conventional furniture. You will experience the same contouring and pressure-free support as you would with a hardside waterbed. However, we do suggest reinforcing existing metal or wood frames for a new softside waterbed to avoid weight distribution troubles in the future.

Normally, for, first-time users we recommend to start with a stabilized/firm mattress with a lumbar support. This will allow you to sleep in any position comfortably. Free-flow waterbeds are the least expensive and are widely popular, but we recommend enough stabilization to achieve full weight displacement without hitting the bottom while in the prone position. A waveless waterbed will move very little when in use, which means motion will stop almost immediately, whereas a traditional free flow mattress will continue to move for a few seconds or more.

What is the Proper Fill for a Waterbed?

One of the primary objectives of a waterbed is to reduce surface skin pressure. This is the pressure that causes pressure sores in quadriplegics. To optimize this amazing waterbed benefit, an individual or couple need to have an adequate amount of loose surface vinyl to compensate for the total weight of the common user or users. For example, if the bed is for two people this equals more weight, which means looser surface vinyl and a lower fill level. This makes perfect sense physically but it counters common sense. Most people believe, that a person needs a "firm bed" for the best sleeping results (Not true). But widely broadcast by purveyors of the other sleep products. The other folks show the picture of displacement in their point of sale materials but the physics of their products don’t add up. Flotation used properly satisfies these basic elements.

How Long Does the Water Last?

Many people feel the need to empty and refill their waterbeds after a certain point of use. However, the waterbed does not need to be drained or refilled at all unless you plan on moving it to a new location. The water will be clean and fresh as long as you add waterbed conditioner once every six months, or as often as you feel the need to prevent odors and lengthen material life.

Can I Rest Easy Quickly?

Once you are done filling in your waterbed you should let it settle for about five minutes then take a quick rest on it to experience how comfortable it is as it forms to your body. It is possible and almost likely to overfill your mattress. It will not get firmer if you add more water but it will change how it interacts with your body and usually in a negative fashion. It is designed to be filled within 7 to 9 inches deep depending on which product you select and how much weight it needs to support. As long as you follow your installation guide, your waterbed should be good to go after filling it and releasing air bubbles. Allow the temperature control to bring the bed up to your selected temperature. This may take 24 hours to complete and should be considered before spending the night. Some additional insulation may be necessary the first night.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Waterbed?

Another element in sleeping comfort is spinal alignment. Proper flotation displacement from a waterbed allows a normal person's spine to be horizontal whether on their back or side therefore reducing spinal stress and promoting better sleep.

How Does a Waterbed Work to Improve Backaches, Arthritis and other Musculoskeletal Conditions?

Natural flotation of a waterbed causes the closest effects of weightlessness on the planet and allows near complete elimination of pressure points on the back, neck and joints allowing you to relax comfortably. Combined with the proper amount of warmth from the water, this effect is maximized to potentially lower your blood pressure and improve circulation.

Now is the time to make the switch to a waterbed. If you need any help finding a softside waterbed or a hardside waterbed, and want to know how to fill it properly, then contact us online or a friendly customer representative today by calling 1 (866) 647-2735.

 Do you ever wonder what people are smiling about after waking up from a waterbed? One thing is for certain, these people are not sleep deprived. Unlike a traditional bed, a waterbed is proven to help you sleep, reduce back pain and provide the ultimate level of comfort you have been dreaming of. A good night's sleep is generally the best medicine anyone can get for free, so why waste time on prescriptions and doctor visits? Here is why waterbeds are good for your overall health. 

Relieve Backaches

A waterbed is mattress that evenly distributes the pressure of your body weight during a full night's sleep. On traditional beds, sleepers move once every six minutes or so, due to pressure on elbows, shoulders and back over prolonged contact with a mattress, forcing you to sleep in awkward and back-aching positions. This is why most of us wake up feeling sore or with back pain after a long night of tossing and turning, virtually making it impossible to sleep comfortably.

With a waterbed you remove pressure from the spine and allow the back to relax from even distribution of support for the entire body. Your waterbed is designed to slightly elevate your legs, tilt your pelvis back, and relax tension and pressure on the vertebrae. This in turn allows you to lie in one rested position, without the concern of increased pressure on your back and ligaments.

Reduce Dust and Spore Sensitivity

Millions of people share a traditional bed with dust mites and skin dander. No matter how often we shower, clean our sheets or avoid our bed during the day, we are still leaving skin particles in the inner layers of the conventional or memory foam mattress materials. Allergies, asthma and respiratory problems make it harder for us to get a good night's sleep. Large populations of dust mites and skin dander infest our bed and challenge our respective immune systems. With a vinyl waterbed, the non-porous sleeping surface is able to prevent these known allergens from penetrating the mattress. Thus, your sleeping environment is as hypoallergenic as possible on planet earth.

Say Goodnight to Bed Sores and Ulcers

Bed sores occur when a person is confined to a bed for a long period of time. Due to extra pressure exerted on certain body parts, skin tissue pressed between the hard underlying bones and a mattress can deprive skin tissue cells of vital blood flow. Normally, you will shift your sleeping position to relieve pressure and maintain proper blood flow, but those confined to a bed or wheelchair due to chronic illness or disability are not able to reposition to relieve constant pressure, which can lead to ulcers and bedsores. However, when a person shifts to flotation on a properly filled waterbed mattress these issues can be reduced or avoided.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association patients confined to a bed were able to heal from ulcers up to three times faster when they switch from a regular mattress to a waterbed mattress. At the Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center, 500 patients slept on flotation or waterbed style mattresses for three years and no one was found to develop ulcers. In addition, those who already had ulcers healed rapidly after making the switch to waterbeds. We ask the question, ' Why wouldn’t the AMA endorse this product?

A healthy body needs even support, and the best way you can have a good night's sleep without interruption is with the even support of a durable waterbed. Waterbeds are durable and only require minimal upkeep, and they will adjust to your body as you age. This is the reason why mattress retailers do not want you to choose the waterbed, because they last much longer than the standard three to five years of traditional mattresses.

Make your next sleeping mattress a waterbed from WaterbedsToday. Waterbeds Today highly recommends the Perfection Softside Waterbed for anyone looking to change their quality of sleep from a regular mattress. We also supply a large line of waterbed furniture and waterbed care products to go along with your mattress purchase.

If you need any help finding a softside waterbed, hardside waterbed, or need help determining what waterbed mattress is right for you, contact us online or a friendly customer representative today by calling 1 (866) 647-2735.