<![CDATA[Waterbeds Today]]> https://waterbedstoday.com/feeds/ Waterbeds Today Sun, 25 Jun 2017 04:47:25 -0400 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Footbench]]> The footbench is very nice and sturdy. Customer service is great. It is 24" long. It didn't state the size on the web-site. The one I was replacing it with was 48" long but all and all, I am happy with it.]]> https://waterbedstoday.com/padded-caps/95-waterbed-footbench-vinyl.html <![CDATA[Waterbed]]> Very pleased with the bed we purchased. Customer service was great. Andy was very helpful, and informative. Its been a while since we have had a waterbed, and our sleeping has been excellent. They came out set it all up and we have had a great night sleep. Thank you Andy for your help]]> https://waterbedstoday.com/hardside-waterbeds/41-tulip-oak-waterbed.html <![CDATA[]]> Thank you so much for the amazing Waterbed. I have had back problems for a while and this bed not only is good quality but I love the design that matches with the rest of my bedroom furniture. ]]> https://waterbedstoday.com/hardside-waterbeds/37-jasmine-oak-hardside-waterbed.html