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Natural Wood 5 Board Waterbed

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The 5 board is a nicely prepared natural pine product. Because of Gods creativity with wood grain and knots no 2 beds are exactly alike.  It is very attractive in its natural state but is prepped for a finish if you desire. Bed is complete with freeflo mattress, liner, heater and shadowbox ped. We recommend the 'Essence of Sleep' 700 or 800 and the Touch Temp heater

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All beds include:

   ✔ Free Flow Waterbed Mattress
   ✔ Stand-Up Safety Waterbed Liner
   ✔ Shadow Box Pedestal
   ✔ Waterbed Temperature Control Unit
   ✔ Free Fill And Drain Kit
   ✔ Free Shipping in The Continental USA

Please note that prices for the storage/drawer pedestal showed in Accesories, are valid only with purchase of waterbed!

 Mattress upgrade prices: 100%  $339.00,  95%(recommended) $239.00, 85% $169.00, 65%  $119.00, 55% $89.00


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5 board waterbed

Wow! What a deal!! I have had a waterbed for years and now its time to introduce a real bed to my kids. There's no bed better than a waterbed. This company made it so easy. Information highway here. Everything you need to know. At a great price. We have become like family to them. Ill be back for another. I highly recommend ! Great service! Don't look anywhere else. Thank you for all your help!????

Matthew B


Comfortable and cool in the summer

After researching waterbeds online for months, I determined this was the overall best possible value for a complete bedding system. With the exception of softside waterbeds, there are no online retailers willing to sell a waterbed as a complete system. Almost all retailers break the bed into component parts, and conveniently neglect to mention the need for a sturdy bedframe, or the weight considerations. With such a lack of product information I was left to piece information together based off of individual product reviews. What really sold me onto this system in particular was the youtube videos showing how the bedframe was constructed. I highly recommend watching the video.
When the bed arrived it took only about 45 minutes to get the frame setup and built. This would have been even less except I opted to make some changes to the bedframe. The frame is solid, but in my case the edges tended to bow towards the middle, probably owing to a humidity difference between Florida and Connecticut. I would recommend picking up additional L brackets, but that's just me. By far the worst part of the experience was filling the bed. Chock this up to operator error. The included fill and drain set didn't play well with my garden hose. Even with a gasket it leaked like a sieve. The plastic is soft, and my old grimy brass garden hose cross threaded the pipe immediately. Pick up plumbers tape and you can avoid this easily. I opted to fill the mattress half way, and then stuck the hose directly into the slot. This is a good time to mention that the safety liner is included, and so far no leaks!
The smell of the plastic is initially strong, but aired out within the first week. My experience sleeping has drastically improved. I would only recommend picking up the sheets and mattress topper at the same time, as sheet shopping for a super single is a challenge.

Now this second half of my review is my own crackpottery. I bought the bed to replace my futon (who's multi functionality I loved!) because I'm trying to solve my sleep schedule woes. I tend to stay up very late in bed. A waterbed is rather more awkward to do this in, and is helping me break the habit. Secondly, I've been obsessed with thermal loading to increase calorie burning. Waterbeds are naturally cooler, mine at room temp stays at about 21 deg Celsius. Your body stays at around 37 degrees Celsius. So if you manage to fall asleep at that temperature your body will have to make up that difference. Now to put that into perspective you won't loose pounds overnight; to do that you would have to freeze approximately 220 lbs of water and bring it back to room temperature overnight, (about 3500 calories). Most people wouldn't buy a bed for this reason, however for me it is a wonderful experiment. I take 10 minute cold showers every night, and take ice baths 3 times a week. I've even strapped ice packs to my stomach with compression gear. All in the name of converting my white fat cells to their more primordial brown fat cells. For more in depth understanding of that, I highly recommend reading up on Ray Cronise's work.

But if all you want is better sleep, this bed is a great choice. And who doesn't want better sleep? After all your metabolism plummets 15% if you miss your 6 hours...

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