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     Anyway, Here is a clever concept I think should be of interest to anyone who purchases a mattress of any kind in todays market.  It is the NEW no flip mattress.  This is a mattress, as explained by the manufacturers, that you never have to flip.  In reality it is a mattress that cannot be flipped.  So essentially you are buying one half a mattress as compared to the historic double pillow top mattress of the 70's, 80's and 90's. where your mattress was able to be flipped and rotated to extend its life. 
     The no flip idea was born when two thirds foundation of rather coarse foam as a bottom layer.  This filler  had zero appeal as a sleep surface .  It was however substantially less expensive than the visco-elastic or swedish foam.  About 3 inches of swedish foam and the balance is made up of the less expensive filler stuff.  Viola!  a new idea is born and the innerspring manufacturers jumped on the profit wagon. 
     What a concept,  sell the public half a mattress, upholster it in grand fashion and sell it for twice as much.  To this day I find the public is generally unaware of this transition it has been done so smoothly. The real problem here is they are not substantially any different from former mattresses and they still get body impressions.  They also still harbor dust mites, skin dander and other allergens you don't experience with proper flotation. 
     So,  this is simply an informational communication with the intent to encourage people desperate for optimum comfort and the best sleep recharge possible to investigate the new generation flotation before investing in the more broadly advertised  sleep surfaces. The most significant downside to flotation is it takes a little longer to install and is a little more difficult to move but if it provides better recharge and might even aid in lifetime longevity, why not? is available to share important thoughts and advancements in this form of mattress.  Today you can simply replace your  mattress and use your existing box foundation with some simple support supplements available at no charge.  The good news is this  mattress will never get even a slight body impression  and it will contour to any body shape or weight.     Think,  no motion, digital temperature control and never gets body impressions.  All good stuff and here we have gone from the rather deceptive, highly profitable no flip mattress back to flotation...Go figure..