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We Are One Of The Last True Waterbed Stores In The USA

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We have been in the waterbed industry since 1971 and have a wealth of knowledge of the product and what is necessary to give you the optimum experience with 'proper flotation'.


Waterbeds Today is your number one choice to help you get the full benefit of ‘proper flotation’ instead of simply getting a waterbed and hoping it will serve you to the optimum. To put it simply all waterbeds need to be used differently based upon the weight of and the number of people to commonly use the bed. Free info at 1-866-647-2735

Our Brick and Mortar Waterbed Store was one of the last waterbed stores in existence. Bedroom Gallery, 2021 East Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612. Our store was in Tampa and we still operate a warehouse and mini manufacturing factory in Tampa at 1511 E Fowler Ave 33612


We Offer The Best Deals Around On Waterbed Supplies And Parts Including Waterbed Heaters, Waterbed Liners, Waterbed Covers, Waterbed Pumps, Waterbed Mattress Pads, Waterbed Sheets, Waterbed Bedding , Softside Replacement Mattresses!

We Also Offer The Latest And Greatest In Waterbed Care Accessories Anywhere On The Internet. Our Waterbed Conditioners Condition Your Bed For 12 Months: Cleans Water; Prevents Odors; Prevents And Dissolves Scale. Softens Water And Vinyl.

We Price Match All Published Pricing From Credible Sources Including The Internet.

We offer the best information to assist customers in optimizing your investment with information not available elsewhere. Help you cut through confusion even if you don’t realize you have some confusion. We can explain what the percentages of what waveless means and how they actually work as well as how to use the percentages smartly.

At Waterbeds Today, we feel since all beds look the same in the dark we should focus on how they perform while you are asleep. This is an entirely different way to look at sleep and we feel it is the most honest. (not exactly the American way)

Customer Praise

Waterbeds Today is a great business for waterbed supplies and beds in the Tampa area. The owner was very knowledgeable about his products and truely honest about his products, waterbed service and supplies!

I drove 40 miles one way to go to his store and it would have been worth it just for the information alone! I know Bedroom Gallery will continue at this high quality of service to the Tampa Bay area for years to come.

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Benefits of Waterbeds:

  • Reduces Pressure Points causing tossing and turning during sleep
  • Maintains its perfect support efficiency while never getting body impressions like standard inner spring and memory foam mattresses
  • Your body is cradled according to your weight and body shape which makes proper flotation especially beneficial for women and obese persons. Women because they have the wonderful and shapely body with more pressure points than male humans and obese humans for obvious reasons
  • Therapedic benefits of the dense subtle warmth of water to relieve sore muscles and joints
  • The above physical elements allow for a more calm, tossing reduced, regenerative sleep

Have Fibromyalgia?

Pressure point relief for Fibromyalgia sufferers like no other mattress available PLUS the ability to digitally control the temperature of your mattress... Almost Heavenly

We believe you will find our knowledge, expertise and customer service to be a step ahead of the traditional mattress providers. It will also be easier that you may think to convert your existing mattress by use of your existing box foundation saving hundreds of dollars.